Experience World Heritage wilderness and adventure in the morning and indulge in the sophistication of world-class galleries and vineyards in the afternoon. In Armidale, there’s something for everybody.

Spectacular waterfalls, gorges, world-heritage national parks, cool-climate vineyards and a fascinating and diverse cultural heritage. Canyoning, mountain biking, birdwatching, trout fishing and other outdoor adventures take on an exciting new dimension up high. And you’ll be delighted all over again when you come inside to discover our galleries, museums, fine food and wine.

Imagine a place where the geology and biodiversity is unique, where you can climb giant rock formations, stroll through rainforests, encounter rare wildlife, watch powerful waterfalls, camp in the wilderness, paddle wild rivers, and find endless breathtaking views. This is all part of the Armidale experience – there are hundreds of thousands of hectares of national parks and state forests to explore.


New England’s national parks boast an extensive gorge wilderness with over 500 kilometres of wild and scenic rivers. Discover a unique natural playground with magnificent waterfalls, rainforests and exotic flora and fauna.

Food andwine

The Armidale region boasts some of the best cool climate wines, artisan beers & ciders, boutique spirits and delicious fresh food; all made or grown locally with passion.

Discover a culturalexperience

From renowned collections of antiquities and Australian art to writers’ workshops, cutting-edge theatre and stellar music programs, culture and the arts are ubiquitous in the city of Armidale.

History andheritage

Explore the Armidale region at a leisurely pace and discover inspiring stories of the earliest Aboriginal inhabitants, European explorers, Chinese gold diggers, bushrangers, eminent scholars and generations of pastoralists.

The thrill ofadventure

Sport is an integral part of life in Armidale. From rugby matches, mountain biking and all sorts of competitive and adventurous pursuits to leisurely games of golf and tennis, there’s something for everyone.

What’s on inArmidale?

Hudsons Circus

Jun 19 2024

Proudly supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities – Northern NSW Featuring the Globe of Death motorcycle riders, performing camels, Welsh Mountain ponies, acrobats, jugglers and clowns galore.

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Astronomy Arvo with Professor Fred Watson

Jun 20 2024

Tomorrow’s Universe – The discoveries that will change science Get ready for an afternoon of stargazing and cosmic exploration. Astronomy today is going through a golden age with amazing new facilities exploring the Universe. The James Webb Space Telescope is re-writing the textbook on baby galaxies, while gravitational wave observatories are detecting vibrations in space caused by colliding black holes. But there is much more to come, with gigantic new telescopes…

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Olde-time Music Jam @ Boobooks

Jun 20 2024

Come along to Boobooks again for a fun night of jamming music playing and singing. No experience needed. Doesn’t matter at what level you are at. It’s a place where everyone is welcome.

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