What’s on inArmidale?

Events in Armidale

No matter what time of year you visit, chances are there will be an event or festival in or around Armidale.

Events not to be missed include the Autumn Festival, Big Chill Festival, The Bach Festival, The New England Garden Festival, Armidale International Film Festival and Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival. Other great annual events include New England Sings, The Armidale Cup, Guyra Trout Festival, Armidale Youth Orchestra Garden Party, Vintage Truck, Machinery and Heavy Horse Show and the NEGS Equestrian events. The calendar is full with premier sport events including the TAS Rugby Carnivals, Tour de Rocks and the 12hr Mountain Bike Enduro.

Have an event to add to the calendar?

St Peter’s Armidale Gardens 2024


This wonderful annual events is a "must do" for garden enthusiast to view cool climate, town and country gardens. The event will look different and will involve some gardens, the St Peter's Fete and some special concerts. As it is the same weekend as the Autumn Festival, look forward to lots of fun and new things!

$8.00 – $50