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“Empty Voices” Live @ High Country Theatre

Multi-ARIA award nominee composer and Tar (Iranian lute) virtuoso, Hamed Sadeghi brings with him six world-class musicians for a brand-new work Empty Voices. Through his melancholic and spellbinding compositions, Sadeghi offers a unique and dazzling dialogue between a plucked section (tar, percussions, double bass) and a woodwind/brass section.

The multi-generational ensemble led by Sadeghi and comprised of internationally renowned Australian Jazz figures Sandy Evans, Paul Cutlan and Lloyd Swanton and rising stars Michael Avgenicos, Thomas Avgenicos and Adem Yilmaz, delivers a mystique work. Influenced by Persian Sufism philosophy, Sadeghi says: “To be able to love someone or something honestly you need to be able to let yourself dissolve”. Sadeghi contemplates the notion of Love, with a musical homage to ancestral Persian culture. He uses a mix of classical and contemporary music traditions of both East and West. Empty Voices is a gift of purity, love and liberty. Let this music spread through your heart, leaving you empty of self-interest but filled with love.

September 29, 2023
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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0403 392 531
The Lodge Theatre
119A Barney Street
ARMIDALE, NSW 2350 Australia
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